Physical Fitness is One of The Most Important Aspects of Football Performance.

Good football players master three areas of fitness: Speed, Agility, and Endurance. While this might seem too much especially for youngsters, it is crucial that they start training on these three elements – in a structured and motivating way – from the inception of their football Journey.

Focus On Speed Goals

Players need quick and powerful acceleration as well as ability to perform multiple bursts of rapid speed. To achieve that, we focus on various forms of on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch exercises to enhance the players’ speed performance.

Enhance Agility

Players must have the ability to perform quick reflexes and move and change direction and position quickly while controlling balance. To achieve that, we deliver many variations of ladder, cone, powerband, and lateral plyometric jump drills.

Maintain Momentum with Endurance

Players requires a high level of stamina. That’s why we perform special drills that require running at a moderate intensity continuously and running at higher speeds for shorter bouts and separated by rest periods.

Play With Confidence

Boost the ABC of Power


Through a step-by-step process we train our players on more than 100 variations of footwork drills using cones, trapeziums, ladders, and hurdles.

  • Agility: Create force and enhance stamina. body, for swift movements, on and off the ball.

  • Balance: Improve feet and arms configuration, and revamp body shape for acceleration/decelerating (hard and flow), stopping, swift turning, balancing, and recharging.

  • Coordination: Heighten the level of coordination between arm movements and foot movements to achieve explosive charge runs.

Play With Confidence

Push the Limits of Running


Football is an invasive sport that requires lots of continuous running, stopping, turning, and quick recharging. Proper body form and running technique are as important as, if not more important, than running fast.

  • We train the principles of running through many of the drills we perform across almost all the themes of football. We balance between repetition, challenge, and excitement.

  • We match the intensity of running with the style of practices: Constant, Variable, and Random.

Feel The Excitement

Extreme Football for Everyone

A Team of Passionate Individuals

Passion drives engagement. To inspire passion in our players; we must first be passionate ourselves. We achieve that by bringing positive energy, developing sense of purpose, and empowering our players.

Deep Training for the Brain & Body

We focus on perceptual-cognitive training alongside the physical and technical sides. Perceptual-cognitive skills in football are key for enhancing awareness, motor performance, swift decision-making, and coping with overload.

Build Confidence in Young Talents

We are realistic about our players’ strengths and weaknesses. We push them to the limit, acknowledge their improvement, help them through mistakes, and celebrate their success.

Strive to do Away With Pay-to-Play

We love what we do, and we enjoy doing it for free. No barriers exist between us and our players. We are motivated by values, equality and sense of ownership, responsibility, and commitment.