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Passion drives engagement. To inspire passion in our players; we must first be passionate ourselves. We achieve that by bringing positive energy, developing sense of purpose, and empowering our players.

Deep Training for the Brain & Body

We focus on perceptual-cognitive training alongside the physical and technical sides. Perceptual-cognitive skills in football are key for enhancing awareness, motor performance, swift decision-making, and coping with overload.

Build Confidence in Young Talents

We are realistic about our players’ strengths and weaknesses. We push them to the limit, acknowledge their improvement, help them through mistakes, and celebrate their success.

Strive to do Away With Pay-to-Play

We love what we do, and we enjoy doing it for free. No barriers exist between us and our players. We are motivated by values, equality and sense of ownership, responsibility, and commitment.

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Training practices set in wider field areas to mimic real game scenarios.

Feel The Excitement

Practical Considerations at Work


We design and deliver practices in wider areas of the field in the form of wider-sided games (shift from small-sided games SSGs to wider implementations). This will allow players to be more creative and perform at a higher intensity.

  • Simulate key aspects of realistic and competitive match

  • Place as realistic pressure as possible on the players from the opposition

  • Encourage discipline and delivery to the requirements of a real match to achieve activity realism

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Sam Musharrafiyyah
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Stephen Wagstaff