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Mental Meets Physical in Our Training Practices.

One element always overlooked in sports is cognitive training. Blending mental and physical exercises in training practices, achieves physical, technical, and mental progress in football and beyond. Enhancing the cognitive level of young footballers is key for inducing their attentional control demands and improving their decision-making process under load pressure. Cognitive and awareness exercises aim to make players sharper through exercises that test physical, cognitive, and perceptual skills combined.

Snow Sports Adventure
Enhances Spatial Awareness, Focus, & Vision

High performance football requires metal skills to swiftly analyze and process information at the right time.

Downhill Skiing
Improves Decision Making Under Pressure

Cognitive motor training enhances split-second decision-making required in real life football games

Ski Racing
Boosts Overall Performance and Confidence 

Football, like other sports, mentally driven and physically executed. Mental alongside physical performance is what differentiates the good from the great.

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Snow Sports

Why Cognitive Training?

Football requires anticipation, divided attention, situational awareness, active memory, task switching, and ability to see the game.

Ski Areas and Parks

When it is Needed?

Off and on the pitch to improve on-ball and off-ball movements, agility, transitions, defense, and positioning, swift turning, ball manipulation and dribbling, and above all positional awareness.

Snow Sports Events

How to Apply?

We blend cognitive applications (by using traditional training gear, smart light-based reflex training systems, or iPad applications) with technical and physical overload reactive practices to mimic real life competitive gaming environments.